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Upcoming case studies:

Tesla – 2

Tesla – 1

In this case study, we are going to discuss, how did Tesla disrupted the automotive industry and became the world’s most valuable car maker?
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This is a case study of how OYO fell prey to the Icarus paradox and how it can cave a new path to continue the…
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Elon Musk

This is a case study of the greatest entrepreneur in the history of mankind – Elon Musk!
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Gamification project #1

This is a Gamification system created by me for a collaborative consumption company ShareAll to fulfill their Business goals.
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Donald Trump

This case study breaks down how Mr. Donald Trump crushed his competition and won the presidency despite having so many haters and no political background!
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This is a case study on Fogg deodorant, how it leveraged its unique selling point to market its product to the top of the industry.
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This is an analysis of how Paperboat was able to establish itself in the highly saturated soft beverages industry.
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This is an analysis of how Audible successfully applied game concepts to enhance user engagement (listening time)
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This is a case study of how Instagram’s app features led it to extreme success.
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Reliance Jio

This case study will show you how Jio became a telecom behemoth and how it played a crucial role in India’s digital revolution
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