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Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He believes the United States has incredible potential and will go on to exceed even its remarkable achievements of the past. His campaign slogan for President was “Make America Great Again” and that is exactly what he is doing.
Donald Trump defines the American success story. Throughout his life, he has continually set the standards of business and entrepreneurial excellence, especially in real estate, sports, and entertainment. Mr. Trump built on his success in private life when he entered into politics and public service. He remarkably won the Presidency in his first-ever run for any political office. (Source: White House)

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A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance, Mr. Trump followed in his father’s footsteps into the world of real estate development, making his mark on New York City. There, the Trump name soon became synonymous with the most prestigious of addresses in Manhattan and, subsequently, throughout the world.

Mr. Trump is also an accomplished author. He has written more than fourteen bestsellers. His first book, The Art of the Deal, is considered a business classic.

Now, let’s find out how did he do it? How did a man with no political background go on to become the most powerful man on the planet in his first try? How did a man with so many haters crush his competition?

Let’s dive deep into it!

Being real, straight to the point and savage!

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People are sick and tired of fake people, phonies, people are sick and tired of being politically correct!

What trump brings to the table is his authenticity.

This guy would say whatever he wants to say, wherever and whenever he wants to say it, he doesn’t give a damn about being politically correct.

He is a legit DUDE, this no bullshit attitude has garnered him a large following.

Trump is also very straight and bold in calling people out!

He leaves no chances of firing shots at people who try to take jab at him!

Now, this straight forward attitude might be too much for some people but he knew his audience from the moment he started campaigning.

He knew his customer segment, he knew which group of people he needs to target and he did a great job at it!

Free press, i.e. the 0$ marketing strategy!

News channels and TV personalities were all over him with hate.

They did all they could to take him down.

But, their efforts would only matter if Trump cared, and Mr. Trump doesn’t give an F.

To be honest, he enjoyed it, he voluntarily incited news reporters so as to get free press.

Trump thrives on controversies, he thrives on giving offensive statements because he knows what will get him on the front page of every newspaper without giving a penny to the media.

Trump has had done his fair share of stupid things, given loose statements but in the end, he won! Because-

He’s a good businessman and even a better salesman!

He knows the art of selling, he knows how to hijack free publicity!

Click on the picture to read an article on how Trump leveraged Social media for his campaigning
PS : most of the money spent in Trump’s campaign is his own

Different from the rest!

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If I ask you, what image do you have of a president in your mind? Leave president for once, what image do you have of a politician in your mind?

A general image would be quite similar for all of us-

Well spoken, mature, calm and calculated, honest, etc.

But Trump is nowhere near that image, that dude literally came out of reality TV shows having no political background claiming that he’ll beat everyone else in the race.

Who does that?

Trump is unique and unique always stands out!

Lesser of the two evils!

Well, here comes Hillary Clinton with her long list of corruption charges.

Clintons are probably the most corrupt politicians ever.

The only way Trump could have convinced the public to vote for him is by convincing them that the alternative is much worse.

The Clintons have so much of a bad reputation attached to them that it was hard for the public to swallow that and call Trump corrupt!

From the sexual misconduct allegations to the Email controversy, from the money lobbying to foreign investments in the Clinton Foundation, from Whitewater to Benghazi.

Clintons have been involved in so many controversies and wrongdoings that Trump looked innocent in from of them.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on the hypocrisy of Obamas and Clintons

In the end I would say that I am no fan of Trump but I am just astonished by the level of success this guy has achieved on his own.

Love him or hate him, his success story is one of the best in the history of politics and we all can learn some lessons from it!

Here is a list of nicknames that Mr. Trump has given to his haters/competitors- Nicknames

Here are some bonus clips!

PS : Rocket man is North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, lol

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