The Hard Truth

Some people assume success to be very easy.

“If I start studying, I’ll easily get good grades”, “If I start working out, I’ll easily get fit”, etc.

Have you ever said these things, or ever had thoughts like these?

Many people face this dilemma, they think that they can easily achieve success in any field, that they can do everything easily “if” they try to do it, but the problem is most of these people never even try to do it in reality and if they do, they are not that good in reality….outside their own mind!

There is no bound to the imagination, right? I can think of running faster than Usain Bolt or becoming richer than Bill Gates, but can I? Maybe! But how will I know?

The only way is to try in reality.

Nothing will happen if I don’t put my thoughts into reality and actually put in the hard work to achieve what I dream of!

This is the hard truth that we need to understand, that imagining something is very easy but doing it in real life is not very easy.

You need to prove to yourself, that you can do what you think you can do!!!!

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do!!!!

Stop dreaming, Start doing!!!!

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