We just need an excuse to do the evil

If we think about it, what causes problems in our life?

Are the factors internal or external?

Self-sabotage is probably the biggest reason for our failure in life.
For me, at least, 99% of the time, self-sabotage has been the reason for my mediocrity.

Whenever I make excuses for not doing something that I should have done, I always realize at some point later that it was just me being stupid.
Those excuses were created by me, they were not real.
I was self-sabotaging my growth, I was fooling myself.

And, this is what I’m talking about when I say that we just need an excuse to do evil.

For example:
Just the other day, I woke up with an awkward feeling in my foot.
I had planned to work out early in the morning, but since you know, my foot had an awkward feeling,
my mind somehow tricked me or I should better say, I tricked my mind into thinking that what if I get injured, one day of inactivity is okay but a month of inactivity due to injury is not okay, LOL.
And, I went back to sleep.
But, when I woke up and rethought about what bullshit reason I gave myself, I realized that most of the time my excuses are like that, self-inflicted.

Rarely do I have an excuse that actually makes sense.

All the other time, I am just cooking it up trying to self-sabotage.

Because I just need an excuse to do the evil.

Think about it, are your excuses internal or external?
Are you really facing some real obstacles or are you just self-sabotaging your growth?
Are you strong enough to go through the struggles of life or do you just need an excuse to do the evil?

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