We just need an excuse to do the evil

If we think about the factors which cause problems in our life? Are they internal or external?

Self-sabotage is probably the biggest reason for our failure in life. Most of us don’t have external factors pulling us down. We have all the basic resources we need, it’s just our incompetency and laziness which gets in our way to success.
For me, at least, 99% of the time, self-sabotage has been the reason for my mediocrity.

Whenever I make excuses for not doing something that I should do, at some point later, I always realize that it was just me being stupid. Those excuses were created by me, they were not real. I was self-sabotaging my growth, I was fooling myself.

And, this is what I’m talking about when I say that we just need an excuse to do evil.

For example:
Just the other day, I woke up with an awkward feeling in my foot.
I had planned to work out early in the morning, but since you know, my foot had an awkward feeling, my mind somehow tricked me or I should better say, I tricked my mind into thinking that what if I get injured, one day of inactivity is okay but a month of inactivity due to injury is not okay, LOL.
And, I went back to sleep.
But, when I woke up and rethought about what bullshit reason I gave myself, I realized that most of the time my excuses are self-inflicted. There are not real. Rarely do I have an excuse that actually makes sense. All the other time, I am just cooking them up, trying to avoid hard-work.

Because I just need an excuse to do the evil.

Think about it, are your excuses internal or external?
Are you really facing some real obstacles or are you just self-sabotaging your growth?
Are you strong enough to go through the struggles of life or do you just need an excuse to do the evil?

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