JRE MMA #52 – Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is a British sports analyst, actor, commentator and retired mixed martial artist, who competed in the Middleweight division of the UFC.

A professional competitor since 2004, he is a former UFC Middleweight Champion, a former Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion and The Ultimate Fighter 3 Light Heavyweight tournament winner.

Michael is the original BMF, one of the best trash talkers in the sport and yes *he is Intoxicated*, lol (sorry GSP fanboys).

With one eye and 14 days notice, this guy beat Luke Rockhold to become the world champion.

Coming from a small town with big hopes, becoming the first-ever and only British to win a UFC title, his story is picture perfect!

Now, let’s breakdown the best bits of the podcast!

14:47 – 19:00 Steroid usage by fighters, TRT

19:20 – 25:35 why fighters trash talk and why it’s entertaining

44:55 – 47:53 dangers associated with boxing, american football and rugby

53:40 – 57:35 paid hunting in Africa

1:00:10 – 1:07:45 becoming the Champ against all odds, why taking a day-off is important, pitfalls of over-training

1:08:56 – 1:22:30 feeling that one gets after becoming the champ, eye problem, champion mentality, fight with Georges St. Pierre, why ending on a good note is important

1:25:30 – 1:29:40 wanting to become a coach, post fighting career, background story (early age)

1:32:50 – 1:37:00 women’s MMA scenario, women who love fighting

1:44:40 – 1:45:55 difference in perspective inside vs outside cage

2:00:00 – 2:03:45 life of a fighter

Bonus Clip-

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