There’s no story without limitation

~Mehul Rawat

Life’s hard, it really is.
Everyone faces difficulties, old or young, rich or poor, able or disable, smart or dumb, fat or thin, pretty or ugly, tall or short, everyone has problems in their life.
Those problems may be due to any circumstance, any situation, any person or it may even be because of you (me against me)!
But you know what? It’s good to have problems in your life.
You know why?
Let’s say, you achieve your dream and decide to write an autobiography! Your book will be so interesting, it will have all the drama, all the twists and turns, all the ups and downs.
Bollywood might even make a movie on you!

So, let’s just enjoy these problems thinking about our movie. You’re the hero/heroine and if you want the audience to like your movie, your life has to be interesting, it has to have all the masala!
So, rather than being worried about all the problems in your life, Enjoy them!
There will be no fun if everything goes right in your life.

Imagine a situation, you get everything you want right now – money, power, fame, everything.
Now, do you think your life would be without problems?
Even the richest man on earth has problems, even the president has problems, even the most famous people on the planet have problems.
What if you make some bad decisions and lose all your money or power, what if you do something stupid and lose all your fame?

Are you getting it? Everyone has problems, nobody is perfect, nobody is living a perfect life!
Sometimes, not being able to do some things is good, because then you’ll have something to do, because then you’ll have something to work for!

So, enjoy the hardships of life, overcome them and become better every day!
Life is what you make it!
So, make a good life story!

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