Stages of getting on track

~ Mehul Rawat

1. Rock bottom

The individual has no idea that he/she is destroying his/her life, not even aware of the current destructive mindset, circumstances.

Or maybe the individual is aware of it, but he/she is in the phase of denial so as to avoid difficulties, so as to shield himself/herself away from the pain of life, so as to avoid being a loser in his/her own eyes.

Takes no responsibility for anything whatsoever.
Whatever bad happens, blames it on other people, circumstances or situations.

King/Queen of his/her own imaginary universe, lives in a bubble, no sense of reality.

Primary characteristics- arrogance, narcissism, papa ki pari/para.

2. Self-awareness

The individual gets a reality check, gets aware of the current destructive mindset and decides to change.

Understands that whatever is wrong with his/her life is majorly due to his/her own decisions and actions, or rather in-actions.

But, the individual only experiences these thoughts in mind, he/she does not back it up with actions.
Only mindset changes but the behavior does not change.

Finds lots of excuses for not taking action, tries to voluntarily avoid opportunities that may lead to action, so as to have a justifiable reason for failure.

Primary characteristics- regret, overthinking, the big mismatch between needs and wants.

3. Action taker

The individual realizes that nothing will change if he/she changes nothing.

The individual takes responsibility for his/her life, starts working, starts taking action but with half-hearted attempts, not giving 100%.

Faces many barriers in the form of the comfort zone, bad habits, peer pressure, lack of discipline, mindset, instant gratification, etc.

And most importantly, the individual finally comes across his/her biggest enemy, realizes that in the end, its always “You against You”.

Primary characteristics- dissatisfaction, hunger, visible mediocre results, a slight mismatch between needs and wants.

4. All-out war

The individual gives 100% effort, finds his/her passion in life, starts working hard to pursue their goals.

Leaves all bad habits, starts to live a healthy lifestyle, learns to say no, short-medium-long term goal setting, focuses on present keeping future in mind.

The individual makes small, incremental but consistent self-improvement efforts in all aspects of life.

Primary characteristics- clarity, confidence, happiness, nirvana.

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